The Rail to Global Digital Commerce

Dynamic Coin Exchange

The new standard in digital transactional services.
A digital acceptance and remittance platform remade for the decentralized economy

DCX mobile gateway and exchange mechanism can “snap on” to virtually any front end for high volume micro-transactions in the e-commerce and B2B space.

DCX Gateway and Merchant Dashboard
Integrating multiple API's to create customizable merchant and customer workflows.

DCX Merchant Platform

DCX is a first of its kind blockchain microfinance service platform for Merchants that can virtually “snap on” to any e-commerce or B2B frontend. Provides all the tools, integrations, and customer support for merchants to accept Digital currencies online, allowing customers to pay with currencies of choice.

Transactional Currency

Dynamic coin is a transaction based tokenized asset pegged via algorithm at $1USD and fungible within the DCX Wallet, as well as on third-party applications and exchanges. DMC is the first and only crypto currency which behaves like traditional Fiat currencies, with far greater stability.

DCX Gateway Exchange

Turnkey Digital Currency Acceptance and Remittance Platform for high volume micro-transactions in the e-commerce and B2B space The DCX gateway and exchange mechanism is a multi-currency, multi-asset exchange wallet available for both mobile and desktop devices.


Dynamic Coin (DMC) was created and developed, from the ground up, to become a “Value Retention Currency” providing “Disruptive Price Stability” to the digital marketplace. Utilizing tokenized assets for transactional purposes, DMC enables the instant transfer of value and ownership within an organization’s core payments and remittance infrastructure.

Driven by a fully engaged, active, algorithm, DMC is an open sourced, decentralized, stable and scalable electronic currency which solves many, if not all, of the design and infrastructure issues faced in current digital platforms.

The key differentiating drivers are the sophisticated DMC algorithmic engine and the unique Proof of Work (POW), providing price stability, liquidity and scalability absent in today’s virtual landscape.



No turnkey solution which allows customers to purchase goods and services in any digital or fiat currency and permits merchants to be paid out in any digital or fiat currency.

• Crypto-to-Fiat
• Fiat-to-Crypto
• Crypto-to-Crypto



A turnkey digital currency and remittance platform and app that allows merchants to accept, trade or withdraw funds and gives the clients a wallet to buy, sell or trade any Digital or fiat currency almost instantly.


Dynamic Coin Exchange

DCX is in a Strategic Relationship with an existing global brick and mortar bank in Malta, capable of connecting crypto currency to fiat rails. DCX provides interchangeability of digital assets within the gateway and exchange mechanism, plus fiat capabilities on the backend.

Dynamic Coin – Exchanges

Dynamic Coin is listed on four digital currency exchanges, with its primary exchange being the USD-X (


The USD-X delivers a stable price base for elite digital currencies, by providing an efficient and orderly marketplace. Through exchange governance, adhering to high standards and best practices, this rules based trading venue provides the perfect platform for DMC to conduct transactional business.

• DMC is trading at $1.00, pegged directly vs the USD via algorithm.
• DMC market capitalization is greater than $10.5B
• Exchange is fully KYC and AML compliant
• Provides Exchange Governance
• Provides for rules based trading
• Provides for efficient and orderly marketplace

• Provides for pairing of buy and sell orders
• Provides Standards and Best Practices (No bots or HFT’s)
• Provides a stable price base for transactional business
• DMC is one of ten coins qualified for this elite exchange
• DMC is one of the fasted crypto currencies to have been benchmarked vs the USD

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